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Watch an hour - save hundreds

I've been an editor for quite some time, but was never formally trained. It sounds silly, but I never took the time to teach myself everything that Premiere could do, and I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the class started with an exploration of keyboard shortcuts, project set ups, etc -- but I am SO glad it did. In just the first hour of video lessons I've learned and begun applying techniques that are saving me TONS of time on my client work (and saving my poor hands!). If I can work faster, I can do more videos and make those videos better. And that's just the first hour!

Anthony A.R.
I love the aesthetics

Greetings from Costa Rica, I will make some amazing projects with these transitions, thank you very much!

Ross G.
They never miss

There are countless companies that have sprung up providing digital assets for editors but I haven't encountered any which provide as many consistently useful, unique and niche assets as ACIDBITE. The majority of my edits now use some form of transition or overlay from their packs, totally elevating my work and they have been worth every penny

Chris C.
The built in SFX are a game changer

Idk if Acidbite are the only ones that do this but having the sound effects baked into the clip are a nice touch. Most digital assets I’ve bought have generally come with a SFX pack but you’ve always had to insert/layer/pace them out yourself which takes time. Having a perfectly paired SFX built right into the clip truly makes these a drag and drop asset.

Dissected Textures
Thomas K.W.R.
Very happy - when Im shooting the right thing

I have used this pack a couple of times, and personally I really like them.
I do have some small problems with it and that is that I can’t use them for many different projects. Sometimes they are a bit “too much” for my clients, and I feel like this pack can be used, only when the video has a urban vibe.
Its about choosing your fights sometimes, and I know what I like, and this pack will surely be used a lot more in the future.

Complete Acid Collection V21
Luca F.

they are contemporary and offer what the market asks for.

Great Textures

Acidbite is quickly becoming my go to site for all my effects! The FX are high res and always impress when I throw them into my timeline! Really looking forward to your next drop!!

Awesome, that's it.

Well, I feel sorry for ppl doesn't know how great ACIDBITE is. lol
I always use some sources and it leads my creation much better&better.
Thank you, love from 🇯🇵

Punch Hole



Complete Acid Collection V20
Ryan B.
Awesome Quality Assets

A huge selection of Overlays, Presets, Transitions, and film burns, amazing assets for video editors.

Incredible Quality

I used the Cyber Transistions to help take the edit of my motion design reel to the next level, I was blown away with both quality and the result.

Everything about the product was top tier, from the documentaion, tutotials and the quality of the assets.

I get so many compliments from what I got out of this pack. Brilliant stuff!

Best creativity asset!!!

I have purchased similar products in the past, but this one has the best quality, taste and creativity compared to them. It also has frequent sales and is cost effective. I will consider purchasing more ACIDBITE products in the future.

mike v.
Love it

I have bought 6 packs from you guys and I gotta say I love them and have brought life to my music videos.

robbie k.
DynamiXXX Review

The DynamiXXX Overlays are brutal! (In the best way) I bought these pretty must as they came out. I saw an Instagram ad showing them off. Just like any other acidbite product they're top notch with included sound design which helps massively when implementing them into an edit. If you have a gritty and harsh editing style these are definitely for you. At first I struggled to find use for these overlays as they are so brutal and intense. However an editing competition came around and I ended up using these a fair bit; compositing them in creative ways utilising different blend modes to really elevate the edit!
The only downside to these Overlays is just how intense they can be, which some people will love and others may loathe. But as mentioned before if you love a gritty and punchy overlay pack to beef up your edit then this is the product for you!

Editing Formula & Acidbie Review

It was a super informative short course that highlights most of the fundimentals in video editing. I’ve always struggled to keep large projects organised and this course came in at the right time to help me keep my project clean to the max.


My videos looked crazy boring before I tried these guys packs. Now I can get my work to look better, faster. 100%% big fan!

Lucas E.
Cool plugin!

I love how easy it is to apply, considering this would normally be a very ”custom” effect to create. Though I could wish it would be even easier to use, and maybe a better preview in the essential graphics window so you can see the effects better before you put the time in to applying it. All in all a sick plugin!

Film Burns
Love it

Super cool

16mm Package
Siphesihle M.
Levelled up

The 16mm pack is my fav. I use it mostly for creative transitions.

Cine LUTs
Dimitri C.
Add some spice to your stories 💥

ACIDBITE assets are truly exceptional!
Undoubtedly the most stylish, contemporary, and visually appealing. As a non-professional editor, their assets are incredibly user-friendly, simplifying the process to a mere drag-and-drop.
Among their offerings, the "transitions" (You might want to have a look at the "Dynamixxx") and "LUTs" stand out as my personal favorites.
Thumbs up guys :-)

If I may express a humble wish, as an enthusiastic Filmora user, I dare to dream of even greater compatibility.

Thomas R.
Great assets

These assets are great for quick drop & drag editing and overlays.

If you want to take your video editing to the next level, buy this course

I've used premiere pro for about 6 months before I purchased this course. I thought I knew almost everything when it came to editing but realized there's so much I don't know. This course has improved my editing skills and really focused on story telling and how much of a priority it was.

Lovish k.
Extra Ordinary

Acid Bites has firmly established itself as a powerhouse when it comes to delivering captivating effects and transitions for multimedia projects. Navigating through Acid Bites is a breeze, even for those new to intricate post-production work. Furthermore, Acid Bites keeps up with the ever-evolving landscape of creative tools. Acid Bites deserves nothing less than high praise for its amazing effects and transitions. It's a journey into the realm of creativity, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Brian C.
Amazing assets to level up your edits!

In the right circumstance, there are a ton of assets in the ACIDBITE collection that can really elevate your project. Love the fact that a lot of overlays/transitions also come with SFX baked in.

Elements SFX
José C.S.F.

the product is excellent, I was very satisfied! highly recommend! thanks