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How will I receive my products?

You will receive an email link which will grant you access to the download of your files. Need we remind you to use a real email and to make sure there's no typos in your address? Of course, since this is the help section, and we have to make sure to eliminate everything that stands between you and the goods!

ACIDBITE, help me! I can’t unzip my downloaded files!

Don't worry, dear fellow filmmakers, it happens pretty often that ZIP files cannot be opened with the Mac OS Archive Utility or Windows Unarchiver. We recommend using the free software KEKA (on Mac) or 7zip (on Windows), which are much better anyway.

I didn’t receive my download links!

The email with the links will be sent automatically the moment the payment goes through. If you didn't receive yours, it probably got stuck in your SPAM filter, your mailbox is full or you made a typo. We have noticed that .edu addresses have trouble receiving our emails altogether. Please get in touch with a different email address.

What software are these effects compatible with?

Our Overlay and Texture packs are compatible with all software capable of multiple video layers and the ability to change Blending Modes. This includes Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, etc. They also go great with sushi and a light wine.

Some of our pre-built timeline transition packages currently only work in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. This is indicated in the product description.

Can I use this on any kind of project?

Literally every project you can imagine. Your newest feature film about superheroes with problems. Commercials. Or the creepy music video you made for your gran’s birthday. Just be sure to read our Content License Agreement. Click here for details.

Let’s say I purchased the Complete Acid Collection, will I get access to all future product releases as well?

Great are the owners of the Complete Acid Collection, for they get access to all the products released up to the date of the purchase. Let us sing the praise of them also getting access to a code for 25% off – meaning discounted pricing for all future products for life! All hail Complete Acid Collection and its owners!

Quick, inform me about your return policy!

Since digital downloads are pretty irrevocable, all sales are final!

How will I receive my invoice?

Great question! It will be sent automatically to the email address provided after completing the purchase.

What sorcery is this? I cannot place an order.

Let’s see what works besides “turning it off and on again”:

  • Please empty your cache and cookies or
  • use a different web browser and try placing the order again.
    If you're a friend of additional security measures (such as Verified by Visa or MasterCard's SecureCode), please turn off your web browser's popup blocker as the mentioned security is executed via a popup window. Just don’t forget to reactivate your blocker afterwards. Some bad popups out there.

Help! I have a technical problem with the application of your product.

Let’s solve this as quickly as possible. Please contact us directly:

Speaking of contacting us:

We are always interested in everything you produce with our assets. Means if you’ve published a project, you have two options: Letting us know about it so we can feature you on our channels. Or not letting us know. In this case, we still might stumble across your project online, liking it so much that we’ll constantly keep asking if we can feature it.

Let’s talk money: Which payment methods do you support?

All orders placed in our online store are processed by Stripe and Paypal.
They (and therefore, we) currently support the following of their payment methods: Credit Card and Paypal. Unsurprisingly.

I have purchased the same product twice by accident.

Hmmm, “by accident”. No problem. Please contact our Costumer Support:

Oh no, the promo code that I am trying to use is not being accepted.

We’re constantly warning our customers of buying gritty promo codes from suspicious looking dudes. Wait, you didn’t? Then your promo code has either expired (which is likely), has already been used up (which is a shame) or is no longer available (which is a rare technicality, sorry).

I need to download the files again, but the link in my e-mail is no longer valid!

We will occasionally update the download links to prevent piracy (Arrr!). As a result, the links in your order confirmation mail will no longer work. Please login to your user account. The links there will always be valid.