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The Editing Formula

Jelinda H.
Incredible Content Boost!

I began using assets from Acidbite just this month and it significantly changed my creative flow and improved the quality of my content. The feedback from my clients and even strangers have been amazing! I’m so glad I found Acidbite! I’ve referred all of my friends.


i cant believe how much these transitions adds so much to my videos. you should cop em for that extra umph to your vids

16mm Package
Falco R.

very Good

Elements SFX
Otto S.
Elements is absolutely wonderful

This is all that I needed to create awesome transitions in my video projects!

Amazing and definitely worth the purchase

I just finished my first project using these assets and they made a substantial difference in the overall quality. I used a title and 3 different transitions and I'm extremely happy with the result, and already feel like the purchase is justified. I also reached out to support with a question on installing on Davinci Resolve and they got back to me extremely fast. So overall great product and great support. Excited to use more of these in future projects.

CRT Elements
Brandon S.

Really useful, would love to see more textures in future but really great.

Next level edits

Helped elevate my edits, sounds effects are a nice touch too

Worth it!

One of the best investments I've bought for my editing journey, each asset feels very premium. It's now an essential in my asset library.

CRT Elements
Osama M.
Great value and quality!

I have been impressed with the quality of AcidBite's video packs. They have helped me to increase my production value.

CRT Elements
Julian G.
Top Notch!

I’m really into lofi/liminal style edits. I have a fairly broad collection of different assets and tools that help get me there, but AcidBites CRT pack is a definite step up. Many other nostalgic styled video tools tend to go a bit to far with scan lines and bit dithering. Making footage look not very authentic. Not so for the AB CRT collection. Plenty of options for blending and stacking as well as SFX and LUTs. Excellent Value!

Energy boost for my creations

I'm still testing and knowing the Full Pack I bought, but what I can say for this beginning is: this will boost my work for pretty sure. I've been finding many companies and artists among my 15 years career of editor, and this is the first time I got convinced to buy a pack of assets. The quality, creativity and support Acidbite offers is great. I am super happy and much more excited to edit what has to come. Thanks for bringing me back energy to create. @leocravo

CRT Elements
Ashish P.

really loved it added a lot of character to my project

תודה רבה, הקורס ממש מעניין ומלמד הרבה בתימצות ובנעימות

השימוש באתר קצת מציק אבל שאר החוויה נהדרת בהחלט, ממליצה למי שרוצה ללמוד איך לעצב ולערוך סרטון וידאו ברמה גבוהה תוך זמן קצר ביותר


Very good.

Urban SFX
Marius R.
Urban SFX

The pack is perfect and allows you to do whatever you want


Love Tools

Hey I love you editing tool. Wish you guys would do another set of animated titles

Best Assets in the Market

What I love about Acidbite is the quality of all the assets, it is perfect to experiment and play around to pull out really great and creative stuff with a lot of attitude and style.

Urban SFX
Osama M.
Great value!

I love the Urban SFX pack. It's great value and quality that I think outshines what you can get from stock websites.

Complete Collection - 5,000+ files V28
Emre A.
That's exactly what I'm looking for, man

That's exactly what I'm looking for, man. I can use drag and drop effects in premier or final cut and I don't have to do any extra sound design on top of that. I love this package.

Film Titles
Timothy J.
Cyber Transitions & Film Titles 🔥

I been playing with the two lately and I really appreciate how convenient it is to use the film titles and cyber transitions give my edits a nice punch of texture in between cuts! Dope assets overall!

Film Titles
Ömer F.S.
Everything good so far

Thank you for your work first at all. I use some of your assets daily like salt and pepper in my meals. Nothing to complain.

Urban SFX
Carlos K.

It’s the perfect sfx i wish there’s more like traffic jam or wheels on road but overall this is a mustbuy for me the moment i saw it launched


I am impress how these wipes effects elevate my videos to the next level. This product is a must!

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