The Editing Formula

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This course is a comprehensive masterclass that equips you with everything you need to edit incredible videos, and turn your passion into a career. It focuses on editing tools and storytelling strategies, making it compatible with any software. The Editing Formula is simple, removing confusion and frustration from your editing workflow.
  • 29 video lessons, 6 moduleS
  • 5+ hours of video lessons, 8+ hours of exercises
  • Access to VIP Discord Channel
  • Footage, music, assets, SFX included

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The Editing Formula equips you with everything you need to create incredible videos and turn your passion into a career. It focuses on editing tools and storytelling strategies, making it compatible with any software. The Editing Formula is simple, removing confusion and frustration from your editing workflow.

This course doesn’t just teach editing skills. It’s designed to transform you into a professional editor, top to bottom. Understanding the techniques is one thing – and we cover those thoroughly – but having creative confidence and a business plan that’s proven in the modern world? That’s another thing entirely.

If you take this masterclass, and devote ample time and energy to it, you’ll have everything you need to turn editing into a $100k career.

Holistic learning

The Editing Formula gives you the tools and the confidence to master the craft. By the end of this class, you’ll have created a Nike commercial, a music video, learned a winning creative mindset, and crafted a business plan to reach $100k in revenue in two years as a video-maker.

Jordan Orme is a sought-after video editor for brands and artists like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Google, Nike, and Facebook and has over 800K subscribers on his YouTube channel about editing.

For a 0.6% the cost of film school, you will acquire the same skills and strategies taught in the world’s best universities. Instead of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ll learn how to make well over $100k/yr by developing the proper mindset and business plan from this course.

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    JP A.

    The Editing Formula

    nomi f.
    תודה רבה, הקורס ממש מעניין ומלמד הרבה בתימצות ובנעימות

    השימוש באתר קצת מציק אבל שאר החוויה נהדרת בהחלט, ממליצה למי שרוצה ללמוד איך לעצב ולערוך סרטון וידאו ברמה גבוהה תוך זמן קצר ביותר

    Ben P.
    Learned a lot

    I thought I was "decent," but knew I had a lot to learn. However, after joining, I realized there was so much more to the editing world than I had initially thought. Funny enough, I joined Jordan's YouTube team!

    • "Jordan’s energy and enthusiasm for video editing shine bright. He pinpoints very specific nuances in the editorial storytelling that most people overlook. It’s very clear how well he knows the craft.”

      Chancler Haynes (Editor, Taylor Swift)

    • “Jordan’s passion and love for video editing is a huge ray of sunshine. Anyone who watches his content will walk away stoked to get better at editing.”

      Kelsey, Premiere Gal 

    • “This is why I love Jordan: He breaks down editing into WHY not HOW.”

      Sam Ostrove (Editor, Apple, Superbowl Halftime Show)

    What you'll learn in this course
    Story & Mindset
    Learn the art of creating captivating stories to evoke emotions, compassion, joy, fear, empathy or amazement. At its core, editing is synonymous with storytelling. The ability to weave a compelling narrative is essential for creating impactful videos.
    Build a strong foundation for your editing, ensuring a smooth and creative workflow. We'll cover essential concepts like mastering organization techniques, editing efficiently, avoiding common pitfalls, and setting up a customizable timeline for enhanced creativity.
    Edit Prep
    After laying the foundation, it's time to set the story through essential edit preparation. This module covers methods for importing media, the Jordan Orme Method for selects, swift cuts, and insider industry tricks.
    The Edit
    Learn the universal recipe for crafting captivating videos across genres, from YouTube to Hollywood blockbusters. Learn the secrets to seamlessly blending audio, incorporating flashy effects, and creating smooth, invisible edits that immerse viewers in your story.
    Finish & Export
    The final touch that distinguishes an amateur edit from a professional one lies in the finish and export process. Learn to master color grading, professional audio mixing techniques and exporting for any platform.
    Editing Business
    Once you have all the skills and knowledge of a professional editor, it’s time to make some serious cash. Learn how to land your first paid client, determine your pricing, handle criticism, build a sustainable business model, turn editing into an over $100k/yr career and effectively network your way to your dream clients.
    By the end of this class you will have:
    • Edited a Nike commercial from start to finish
    • Edited a short music video
    • Learned all the essential tools of your editing software
    • Developed the storytelling strategies that inspire audiences
    • Mastered the winning creative mindset used by the world’s best editors
    • Sped up your editing workflow exponentially
    • Mixed audio tracks to perfectly delicious levels
    • Honed essential color grading skills
    • Created a business plan to reach $100k+ in revenue in two years as a video-maker


    Can I really follow this course with any editing software?

    Absolutely! Each editing software has basically the same functions give or take minor features just like an oven is an oven. You can bake the same cake in all kinds of different ovens. However, if you want to learn how to make a cake you’re not going to look at the oven manual, you’re going to look at the recipe. All of the concepts that I teach won’t be taught in your “how to use x software” class. What I demonstrate is how to edit, or the “recipe” to edit. Not how to use a particular piece of software, but how to create videos.

    What if I don’t have any ideas on what to edit?

    Lots of times ideas come while you are editing, not before you edit! The experience of sitting down at your editing station with a pile of footage and the potential for anything to happen is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. JUST DO IT. Take this pile of footage and just start to mold it into the best story you can make it. Remember you can always hit that undo button :)

    What if I don’t have any footage or music to edit with?

    I got you covered. When you enroll in the course as a bonus, I will be supplying you with hours of media so you can start creating your incredible videos right away! Of course if you would rather use your own footage there is nothing wrong with that but I’ll have stuff ready for you to work your magic on!

    Is the learning curve going to be too much or too hard?

    If I can edit, anyone can. It just takes a little bit of patience and an ability to commit to the bit! This course will include step-by-step instruction to guide you through each lesson clearly and thoroughly but remember if you ever get stuck in your particular software, pause the lesson and ask Google! She usually has the answer. I’ll also have links to amazing resources to help you get familiar with the software you are using :)

    What is the time commitment for this course?

    I recommend doing this course on a schedule of 2 modules per week. Many people can get overwhelmed with all of the lessons at once and tend to give-up or get burnt out too quickly. When learning, editing slow and steady wins the race, and it leaves a little more time to mess around and really understand the concepts. This course will take about 5 hours to get through all of the content and perhaps another 5-10 hours to edit your first video.

    Do I need a fast computer to edit?

    Your computer certainly does not need to be blazing fast but it also should not be a dinosaur. I suggest looking up the minimum system requirements for the editing software you will be using.

    Can’t I just learn this stuff online for free?

    Free resources only go so far. They’re not always user friendly, you don’t get to ask specific questions, and they don’t give you the full picture of what’s possible. You will be surfing the web for HOURS before you find what you are looking for. Not to mention the information you are getting may be completely false or not the most efficient and proven way to go about editing. I recommend that you save hours of time and get your education clearly and concisely from the most trusted professional editing source that you know.

    Will this teach me to edit music videos?

    Yes! In this course we will fully set up and edit a music video. I will be revealing my music video secrets :)