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Sound for your ears, your heart and any of your projects. Water, fire, wind, music and sounds of the earth. These are the most versatile sound design elements out there.


  • 147 SFX files
  • Atmospheric music, nature sounds, wooshes, footsteps
  • 48khz 24 bit PCM .wav
  • Compatible with any software

Do you remember what sand sounds like? A wave crashing over your head? A campfire at night?

Our Elements SFX pack will bring those memories back to you. It is a wide variety of nature and human-made sounds plus drony musical soundscapes and whooshes. All real recordings and abstract remixes.

Elements SFX is the happy brother of our dark Dystopia SFX pack.


The base of every good film is a musical bed. That's why we give you these deep and droning atmospheric layers of music, in which you can lose yourself in thoughts and memories.


Animals, waves, city sounds, fire, water, wind and even a sailing boat. All the sounds you’ll need to design your travel film or spice up music video. The sounds range from clear and crisp to abstract remixes.


The wooshes are all field recordings we played around with. The sound of waves and wind start to sound a little otherworldly when you start to roughen them up in post. These are perfect transition sounds for your music video edits.


All sounds were recorded by our friend Julian Lindenmann who is also responsible for a lot of our transitions SFX. Some are clean and crisp, on others he put a little magic to make the sounds more abstract. So you can use it both for a nature documentary and for a poetic narrative.


  • 147 SFX files
  • High-quality handcrafted sounds
  • 48khz 24 bit PCM .wav files
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
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