Complete Collection - 5,000+ files

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With this bundle you'll save more than 80% compared to buying the single packs. All the assets we've made so far, all in juicy 4K.
  • 5,000+ elements (4K PRORES Quicktime files)
  • Transitions, Textures, Overlays, SFX, LUTs, Animations, Plugins
  • Free mobile versions
  • Unique SFX for every asset
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed tutorials
Compatible with:
Premiere Pro
Davinci Resolve
After Effects
Vegas Pro
5,000+ Assets counting
Go from one shot to another in style: Create dynamic cuts with a huge varitey of transitions.
Use textures from digitized 90s/2000s style or real analog film like grain, noise, and glitches to add instant retro flair.
Boost your videos with our subtle overlay packs, adding a special feel through film gate letterboxes and analog-inspired designs.
Sound Design
Elevate your projects with our SFX packs: Dark cinematic, urban sounds and Elements for uplifting, naturalistic effects. Perfect for editing and sound design.
Explore packs of stylish animations, from dark to trippy, ideal for creative uses or visual enjoyment!
Color Grading
Get unique shots easily with our LUTs! Drag and drop for terrific footage, with custom LUTs for all cameras.
Unlock versatile video editing with our data moshing styles and customisable transitions in 4K, 16x9, or vertical formats.
Super hot MOGRT presets for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Slick animations and sizzling editing options will make your cherry pop.
Enjoy premium quality
Invest in handcrafted quality, and you never need to buy twice. Our commitment is not only to provide solely top-notch standards, we also set trends for the entire industry with our wide-ranging product catalog!
Easy to use
Master the editing game with our in-depth tutorials showcasing the seamless customization of our packs, allowing you to effortlessly drag and drop them into almost any editing software.
Edit on-the-go
Unlock mobile convenience with free mobile-friendly versions in every pack, seamlessly editing in both vertical and horizontal modes for enhanced flexibility.
Pro-crafted SFX included
Immerse yourself in unparalleled soundscapes – nearly every asset features distinctive sound design meticulously created by professional sound designers.


50+ film tag animations + SFX. A huge toolbox of transitions, markers, film holes & textures.


A revolutionary template plugin to create never-before-seen transitions. Fully customize it for endless look possibility!
Bold Titles

Bold Titles

25 unique and fully adjustable 4K title designs inspired by fashion and commercial films for vertical and horizontal use in all major softwares.

Light Transitions

100+ ultra-fancy slow-shutter light transitions in all shapes and sizes, graded and ungraded versions, including top-notch SFX. 

Urban SFX

Urban SFX

Elevate your sound design game with 140 SFX files straight from the streets including Atmos, Whooshes, Risers, Hits, Textures and more. All real recordings and abstract remixes.

Burning Paper Transitions

Fire up your transition game with 24 pre-keyed transitions created with real fire.

Analog Video Package

Get that analog video nostalgia with 50+ analog video statics, glitches, viewfinder scans and preroll assets from various cameras and VCR decks.
Super Mixed Media Pack

Super Mixed Media Pack

Your shortcut to professional mixed media transitions, overlays, textures and SFX.

Film Titles

25 customizable 4K title designs for vertical and horizontal use in all popular softwares.

Elements SFX

Boost your sound design game with 145+ SFX files of nature and human-made sounds plus drony musical soundscapes and whooshes. All real recordings and abstract remixes.

Cine Snip Transitions

96 scans of eye-catching film strips: cuts between takes, scribbles, and glued edges. Use them as analog transitions and intercuts!

CRT Elements

CRT Elements

A pack full of genuine digitized vintage video textures containing more than 260 files. Feedback effects, textures, overlays, flashes, analog flares. You’ll also get a SFX Toolkit and flat look LUTs pre-converted for all camera manufacturers.


Create sizzling animated titles with easy customization! 25 dynamic mogrt title presets compatible with Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

Dissected Textures

Rough up your project with 30 grunge overlay files giving you the grunge of paper, metal, leather, rust, scratches, and more.


Add dynamic to your edit with 65 super dirty analog textures and transitions! Created with real film, chemical fluids, paint and kitchen tools.

Animated Markers

300+ clips including letters, numbers, symbols, scribbled backgrounds and abstract shapes! Simply drag and drop them into your project!

Film Burns

33 differently colored film burns shot on Kodak 8mm Stock and scanned in open gate 4k resolution! Use them as textures or transitions!

16mm Package

Emulate 16mm film in your editing software with 30+ grains, burns & gates created with a variety of film cameras and stocks.

Film Leaks

Step up your editing game with 34 distinctive leaky assets. Usable as transitions, textures or colorful wiggly overlays.

Cine LUTs

Get the punchy look with 13 distinctive LUTs for all cameras, including free conversion LUTs. 

Gritty LUTs

Get the punchy style with 36 looks pre-converted for all cameras and LOG formats, including free conversion LUTs. 

Optical Elements

A vibrant collection of 68 optical refractions, crafted with authentic glass elements.

35mm Package

This pack is more than just a grain pack. It has everything you will ever need to emulate 35mm film with 150+ files including grains, gates, burns, textures, LUTs and SFX.

Punch Hole Transitions

30+ pre-keyed textures and 7 prebuilt transitions to punch your film into other people’s brains!

Cracked Glass Transitions

Break from one shot to the next with 17 handcrafted pre-keyed transitions made with real breaking glass. 

Wipe & Light Transitions

Slow shutter movement shots for transitions with a hint of structures, nature and the urban night.

Dystopia SFX

Enhance your video projects with 200+ futuristic-sounding SFX files from short swooshes to long soundscapes. It also contains some SFX from our Transition Packs as a bonus.

Film Leaders

97 assets scanned from various rolls of archival film. Use them as intercuts, overlays, title chart designs and transitions!


80 mixed media clips, including symbols, icons, and doodles sourced from real-world materials.


Create an analog image with 45 design elements, including real motion film gates, authentic photographic film edges and bonus grain.


14 flowy 4K animation loops. Use them for music videos, commercials, live visuals or art installations!


    Fully customize this design collection to your taste. It includes clean versions, 16mm film and CRT motion designs and super dirty 135 B&W photo scans.

    Textile Transitions

    Add a touch of authenticity and rawness to your footage! Textile Transitions is here to revolutionize your editing experience.


    16 hard to grasp 4K animation loops. Use them for music videos, commercials, live visuals or art installations!

    Pre-Built VHS Transitions

    Switch back and forth between your shots with 9 pre-built frame skip transitions in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

      Super 8 Package

      This pack is packed with everything you need for the film look. It contains various 8mm grains, film burns, LUTs and sprocket holes.

      Cyber Transitions

      Glitch through your timeline with 48 colorful analog glitch transitions with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

      Tunnel Transitions

      Various stylized, animated tunnels for dynamic scene changes and unconventional cuts.  Different movement styles and SFX included!

      Torn Film Transitions

      Eight pre-keyed analog film transitions created with real 35mm footage scans.


      The greatest variety of viewfinder designs inspired by film cameras. There’s clean, 16mm and CRT versions both in 16:9 and widescreen. 

      This product includes
      • 5,000+ assets
      • Transitions, Textures, Overlays, SFX, LUTs, Animations, Plugins
      • 4K PRORES Quicktime files
      • Free mobile versions
      • Unique SFX for every asset
      • Detailed tutorials


      Jordan Orme

      ACIDBITE assets and products are the single quickest way to add fresh flavor to your editing pieces, taking your story to new heights with style.


      We love the complex textures you can build off of the ACIDBITE overlays. These bad boys have saved us in edits many, many times and have helped us build a world.

      Edward Lee

      ACIDBITE has been an invaluable resource in my editing workflow. I really love that all their assets are truly plug and play. No matter what editing skill level you have, it's easy to get started with these assets if you want to improve your videos.


      By just using ACIDBITE assets I can create a new world even from the most basic footage. This is absolutely essential to my visual style.

      Thomas Goh

      ACIDBITE is my go-to companion for editing magic. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop features make every edit a breeze, turning my imagination into reality. Perfect for filmmakers and content creators who believe in the power of simplicity to amplify their storytelling.

      Juan Salazar

      If you're striving for a professional touch in all your films, ACIDBITE is your ultimate destination. Their products not only enhance the overall quality of your videos but also give them the extra edge that truly makes them stand out.

      Peace Gates

      ACIDBITE has one of the easiest assets to spice up your videos! All the assets are unique, cool, and easy to apply on any editing software as well. I honestly use the assets for most of my social content and it has been my lifesaver!

      Mike Koalitic

      ACIDBITE assets have not only offered me a new outlook on creative video editing but have also empowered me to elevate my videos to a whole new level.

      Thobias Hilden

      I've tried hundreds of different editing assets from different sites, and ACIDBITE is easily one of the best ones. All their assets are super high-quality and easy to use. The overlays even come with sfx, which is amazing. I can highly recommend them to any video creator.

      Will Schafer
      80,000 Follower

      Having a massive library of assets that all work together has made my content more cohesive and streamlined my entire editing process. ACIDBITE has such a refined collection of assets that fit every single creator's needs.

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      Spyros C.

      Everything was alright.

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      BLAKE K.
      I like them

      They’re solid packs. Some aren’t formatted for davinci resolve and just come as files you can add to your timeline. That’s a bit of a bummer but otherwise, well thought out packs. I’d buy them again. Especially when they’re on sale!