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Technical film leaders from a hundred years of filmic world history: Use them as intercuts, transitions, overlays, title chart designs and more!


  • 4K+ Scans (4096 × 3072) ProRes 422 Quicktime files
  • 97 Different & unique Leaders
  • unique SFX for every asset
  • Detailed tutorial
  • No Plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve, AVID, Vegas Pro and many more!


Old film reels used to have technical leaders to set up the projector and give information about the film. We bought old films from all over the world and scanned them. You can use them as intended and put them in front of your edit. But they're also great for intercuts, overlays, title chart designs and transitions!


Very often, notes can be found on the first inches of the film reel. Secret letters from one projectionist to another. In different languages, more or less legible, sometimes written with pens, sometimes with scratches.


These are countdowns, test charts, printed projection info and sometimes just an arm’s length of colored film. They convey a sense of strange retro-futurism. Some are almost a hundred years old.


We got our hands on reels from different eras and regions of world history. There are English, of course, but also Soviet (Russian/Cyrillic), German and French texts.


Sometimes technical leaders contain printed light sound, but very often the sound came from another reel that needed to run in sync. You’ll get unique SFX for each file that has already been rendered into the clip. No need to walk the extra mile! 


This product includes

  • 97 Film Leaders
  • unique sound design for every Leader
  • detailed tutorial
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