Edward Lee's Must-Have Editing Tools

Seattle-based filmmaker Edward Lee collaborates with top brands like Nike, Adobe, Lincoln, and Logitech, creating premium content showcased on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and podcasts. His design-focused, minimalist style extends to his choice of editing tools. Here's why he opts for video editing tools from ACIDBITE: to enhance his visuals and streamline his workflow.

Best craftsmanship, no compromises
Dynamic edits
Transitions are an absolute essential tool for my fast pace edits. It creates much more visual interest and keeps the viewer engaged throughout the video.
Analog made, digitally refined
All of the tools by ACIDBITE are real scans and effects that they have captured in the real world.
Truly a one stop shop for my video editing effects. Each pack also has a numerous amount of options to choose from.
Combine it
Using a combination of all the asset packs helps me take a video from mediocre to great. It's the small details that really matter in an edit for me.
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Wipe & Light Transitions

Slow shutter movement shots for transitions with a hint of structures, nature and the urban night.

Film Leaders

97 assets scanned from various rolls of archival film. Use them as intercuts, overlays, title chart designs and transitions!

Film Burns

33 differently colored film burns shot on Kodak 8mm Stock and scanned in open gate 4k resolution! Use them as textures or transitions!
Enjoy premium quality
If digital goods could ever be considered "handcrafted", that is what ACIDBITE has done. Each pack is carefully curated and created to ensure a premium result.
Easy to use
All the tools are drag and drop, which saves me an insane amount of editing time. Each pack also comes with an in-depth tutorial for anyone who needs a couple extra pointers.
Pro-crafted SFX included
My favorite feature of the ACIDBITE assets is that they all come with SFX already attached to the clip. You can opt to use other SFX but having a film burn sound with the effect itself, is an absolute game changer.
Bundle up & Save
Complete Collection - 5,000+ files

Complete Collection - 5,000+ files

With this bundle you'll save more than 60% compared to buying the single packs. All the assets we've made so far, all in juicy 4K.
Transition Bundle - 1,500+ files

Transition Bundle - 1,500+ files

Get the most addictive edits in the game. 30% off compared to buying single packs!
Essentials Bundle - 1,000+ files

Essentials Bundle - 1,000+ files

Everything you need to start editing now. 40% off compared to the single packs!